Urinary Catheter Drainage Bags, Bedside Urinals & Urine Leg Bags

Bedside drainage bags are hung on a hospital bed and collect urine via an indwelling catheter, while leg bags are meant to be strapped to the body; Most collection bags, pouches, and bottles are designed from durable vinyl material and include graduated markers to monitor urine output.


How do I use disposable urine bags?

A disposable urinal or urine drainage collection bag provides a good solution for avoiding the hassles of cleaning your bag, eliminating urine odor, and preventing infections. This type of bag allows you to discreetly urinate into an inner pouch containing a liquid-absorbing, spill-proof, and odor-eating gel. You can reuse a disposable urine bag until it is full before throwing it away. The standard bags have a unisex design, but options made with women and children in mind are readily available as well and although some options may not be available online please contact us regarding those options.