3-Week Kits

Complete Kit Urinary Incontinence Three-Week, 21-Condom Catheters External Self-Seal 25mm (Small), 29mm (Medium) or 32mm (Intermediate), 36mm (Large), 41mm (X-Large)+ Premium Leg Bag 1000ml Tubing, Straps & Fast and Easy Draining.


Introducing our Urinary Incontinence 3-Week Kit, a comprehensive solution designed to provide maximum comfort, convenience, and security for men with urinary incontinence.

Our kit includes (21) external condom catheters, (3) 1000ml leg bags, and all the necessary accessories to ensure a hassle-free experience.

The external condom catheters are made with high-quality, medical-grade silicone and feature a wide adhesive band that wraps securely around the shaft of the penis. This provides a reliable seal, preventing any unwanted leakage and ensuring maximum comfort throughout the day or night.

The leg bags are made from durable, high-quality materials and are designed to be discreet, comfortable, and easy to use. They feature a non-latex, anti-reflux valve that prevents urine from flowing back into the tubing and causing discomfort or infection.

Our kit also includes all the necessary accessories, such as tubing, connectors, and straps, to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. The tubing is designed to be kink-resistant, so you can move around freely without any interruptions.

With our Urinary Incontinence Kit, you can maintain your active lifestyle without any disruption. Whether you're working, traveling, or socializing, you can wear the catheter and leg bag with confidence, knowing that you're protected against incontinence.

Plus, the discreet and non-invasive design of our kit ensures that you can go about your day-to-day activities without anyone noticing. The leg bag can be worn discreetly under your clothing, and the external condom catheter is virtually invisible under your clothes.

In conclusion, our Urinary Incontinence Kit is the perfect solution for men who want a comprehensive and reliable solution for urinary incontinence. With its external condom catheters, leg bags, and all the necessary accessories, this kit provides maximum comfort, convenience, and security, so you can live your life to the fullest.


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